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The cover of Windward shows the title in yellow text over a close-up of a black and white photograph of clouds.


Windward is a poem for the world we inhabit.
Written using light, it contains candid black and white photographs
of life found on Earth between 2001 and 2021.

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57 photographs across 114 pages.
ISBN: 978-1-957503-01-1
LCCN: ‍2022900680

Tree, car, blurred person walking.
Trastevere, Rome, 2009
Jumping pedestrian, car, snow, phone, puddle.
Near Times Square, New York City, 2015
Boy, girl, balloon.
Piazza Venezia, Rome, 2014
Clouds, sky.
Over Mahicantuck, New York City, 2017
Bay, hills, clouds, city, airplane, window.
Kariîó Oka, Rio de Janeiro, 2001
Women, hands, anger, olive branch.
Palm Sunday, Rome, 2012
Point, finger, man, hat, tie, serious.
By Macy’s, New York City, 2015
Girls, expression, blur, flash, street, hands, nails.
Avenue of the Americas, New York City, 2017
Landscape, rock, sky, scream.
Diné Lands, Navajo Nation, Arizona, 2005
Boy, blur, painting, ceiling, up.
Capella Sistina, Rome, 2012
Neutron star, new york city, manhattan, classroom, teaaching, school, space.
Pupin Hall, New York City, 2015
Girl, hair, distance.
5th Avenue, New York City, 2016
Statue, face, eyes, liberty.
8th Avenue, New York City, 2015
Helicopter, military, war, woman, child, night.
Near Trajan’s Column, Rome, 2011
Girl, eyes, mouth, hand, mask.
Via del Corso, Rome, 2021
Canyon, hill, mountain, landscape.
Ongtupqa, Grand Canyon, Navajo Nation, Arizona, 2005
Colosseum, young man, hat, helmet, birds, clouds, eyes, distance.
Amphitheatrum Flavium, Rome, 2012
Waves, boat, sea, clouds, sky.
Tyrrhenian Sea, Near Isola del Giglio, 2013
People, girl, hair, umbrella, landscape, town, tower, distance.
Alhambra, Granada, 2011
Young man, walk, Eiffel Tower, park, clouds, grass, fence.
Champ de Mars, Paris, 2013
Girl, dance, lights, night.
Waldorf Astoria, New York City, 2015
Man, Empire State Building, subway, step, sky.
West 34th Street, New York City, 2015
Woman, hair, jacket, jeans, wind.
42nd Street, New York City, 2015
Young woman, steam, glasses, sky, water tower.
Union Square Park, New York City, 2015
Landscape, night, stars, sky, clouds, rocks.
High Desert, Joshua Tree, California, 2007
Nuns, blur, standing, robes, faces.
Via Paganica, Rome, 2013
Boy, women, church, hole, head.
Parvis Notre-Dame, Paris, 2013
Hug, love, friendship, light, sun, van, man, woman, candid.
Near New York Public Library, New York City, 2015
Young woman, city, cityscape, high, view, railing, distance, hair.
Vatican Cupola, Rome, 2012
Woman, covered, fish, merchants, light, shadow.
Fes el Bali, 2014
Hat, wires, street, back.
Sài Gòn, 2010
Fish, fish school, heart, underwater.
Mar Tirreno, 2010
Pocket computer, smartphone, iphone, young man, face, astonishment, glass, container.
iPhone Introduction at Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, 2007
Distance, horizon, landscape, city, trees, branches, cemetery, fog, tower, cranes, horses, hills.
Ohlone, San Francisco Bay Area, 2005
Leaves, flash, heart, plants, wind.
Bryant Park, New York City, 2015
Young woman, old man, daughter, fater, ribbon, paper, hand, eyes, hofstadter, self, consciousness
Douglas and Monica, New York City, 2019
Landscape, flying, flight, Manhattan, river, height, aerial.
Manahatta, New York, 2017
Girls, piazza, churches, distance, san pietrini, cobblestones.
Piazza del Popolo, Rome, 2013
Ocean, waves, wave, birds, wind, spray, sea, water, salt, face.
Pacific Ocean Sii, Big Sur, California, 2007
Young woman, eyes, hair, mouth, distance.
Near Collect Pond, New York City, 2015
Landscape, distance, Zabriskie Point.
Tümpisa, Death Valley, California, 2005
Man, suit, suitcase, satellite, walk, statue, spear, fire, un.
United Nations Headquarters, New York City, 2016
Crowd, procession, religion, men, women, children, baby, pointing, up, Jesus, noise.
Castrum Brachiani, Bracciano, 2007
Sequoia, redwood, tree, tall, self-portrait, friend, hand, trunk, bark, forest.
Sequoia, California, 2006
Native American, indian, indigenous, costume, feathers, arrows, man, profile, face, trees.
Shorakapok Preserve, New York City, 2019
Statue of Liberty, binoculars, telescope, face, distance, bay, water.
Ellis Island, New York City, 2017
Sand, wind, chairs, children, adults, old woman, boats, beach, dad, mom.
St Ives, Cornwall, 2012
Sky, cloud, myst, fog, mountain, mountain top, hill, birds, landscape, forest, valley.
Esselen, Big Sur, California, 2007
Sealions, seals, face, hand, flipper, mammal, hair, face, expression, animals.
Achasta, Monterey, California, 2005
Donkey, fence, hand, love.
Via della Sentinella, Bracciano, 2009
Hand, print, rock, black, white, impression, mark.
Tsegi Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, 2005
Landscape, river, reflection, hill, movement, clouds, sky, pen.
Mahicantuck, New York, 2019
Young woman, snow, wind, tree, statue, column, bus, heart.
The Circle, New York City, 2015
Mom, dad, park, tree, fence, statue.
Odila and Peter, Hide Park, London, ~1997
Tree, canopy, leaves, light, still.
Columbia University, New York City, 2015
Tree, leaves, wind, movement, building, faces.
Riverside Drive, New York City, 2017
Tree, wind, storm, leaves, faces.
Inwood, New York City, 2019

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